The UK’s Independent Exposes Brain Behind Israel’s Propaganda Machine to be a Republican Party Hack

Jul 28

We all know that Israel’s expressions of concern for the Palestinians it kills, whose homes it destroys and whose lives it has destroyed is all nonsense, but perhaps we don’t know the details behind how the propaganda has been constructed, in coordination with public opinion experts from the US with the express goal of manipulating US public opinion.  This article from the UK’s Independent sheds some light on what can only be described as an incredibly cynical and duplicitous, if not evil and despicable, strategy of Israeli decision makers to try to mask the ugly reality of their actions from public opinion in the one state they believe can stop them — the United States. There are so many despicable statements in the article, but here is one for starters:

“Dr Luntz cites as an example of an “effective Israeli sound bite” one which reads: “I particularly want to reach out to Palestinian mothers who have lost their children. No parent should have to bury their child.”  The study admits that the Israeli government does not really want a two-state solution, but says this should be masked because 78 per cent of Americans do. Hopes for the economic betterment of Palestinians should be emphasised. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is quoted with approval for saying that it is “time for someone to ask Hamas: what exactly are YOU doing to bring prosperity to your people”. The hypocrisy of this beggars belief: it is the seven-year-old Israeli economic siege that has reduced the Gaza to poverty and misery.”

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