Qaradawi on Muslim Views of Non-Muslims

May 16

Yusuf al-Qaradawi is one of the most influential and controversial contemporary Sunni clerics.  He may have the distinction of being loathed equally by  the anti-Muslim right and the Islamic right, whether jihadi or non-jihadi. I recently have written two articles, one of which has been published, while the other is forthcoming, which deal with his views on the political rights of women and the theological fate of non-Muslims in the next life, respectively.  Here is a link to two of his fatwas that reflect his theological views on Muslim-non-Muslim relations (the substance of which I discuss in the book chapter on the fate of non-Muslims in the next life) and the other on secular relations between Muslims and Jews and Christians.  In this second fatwa, he reiterates the centrality of secular “justice” as being the touchstone that governs Muslim relations with Jews and Christians, going so far as to mock those Muslims who view the Arab-Israeli conflict as a kind of religious conflict over contradictory religious views.  At the same time, he insists on the inviolability of Palestinian rights as a matter of justice, and that, if the Jews wish to stake their claim to Palestine on religious grounds, then Muslims have the right to oppose them on Islamic grounds.  I hope to translate these two fatwas at some point in the future, but for now, I hope simply to make the Arabic versions of the two fatwas more widely available.

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