Salaita Breaks His Silence

Sep 10

Steven Salaita has broken his silence. Here is his statement regarding what has happened to him, professionally and personally, as a result of the University of Illinois’ decision to terminate him from his tenured position.  It appears that even thought the University of Illinois is prepared to settle with him financially, Salaita will accept nothing other than reinstatement.  That is certainly the right call from the perspective of the academic community, but litigation, if pursued, will extract a high personal and financial tool on Salaita and his family, and will require substantial support from his fellow academics to succeed. This could be a landmark case on academic freedom, and the extent to which private donors will be permitted to set the agenda for speech on the university, the university’s hiring decisions and methods of teaching used by faculty.

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University of Illinois Rescinds Offer to Professor for his Anti-Israeli Tweets

Aug 06

This morning, I read this disturbing report that the University of Illinois rescinded an offer it made to a professor to join its faculty on account of his anti-Israel tweets. It is important that we write to the University of Illinois protesting this decision.  Please consider sending an e-mail the University Chancellor, Phyllis Wise, explaining why this decision is not consistent with the values central to a university in a democracy.  Her e-mail address is (or in the alternative,  Here is the note that I sent her:

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Ilana Feldman, Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University, on Israel’s Long-Standing Policy of Isolating Gaza

Jul 29

Ilana Feldman, an anthropologist at George Washington University, has written this informative post on Israel’s evolving policy of isolation of Gaza, which is now reaching its crescendo in “Operation Protective Wedge.” She concludes with the following bleak assessment of life in Gaza:

“So Gazans are immobilized in every sense: cut off from other members of their community, isolated from the “international community,” deprived of economic opportunity, basic goods, and access to advanced medical care. Imposed immobility is itself a form of violence against people, and it cruelly magnifies the violence of military assault. The current catastrophe in Gaza is a product of years of preparation. Restriction of Palestinian movement goes back to their displacement in 1948. And mobility management has been a central tactic of Israeli occupation since 1967. The phone call ahead of the bomb, the “roof knock” (a small bomb) ahead of the lethal strike, are twists in this long trajectory. That sometimes the phone call is not followed by a strike underscores its potency in psychological warfare. These tactics are yet another weapon in the massive arsenal deployed against Palestinians.”

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Boycott Canadian Tire As Long As It Sells Goods Manufactured in Illegal Settlements

Aug 29

Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East maintains useful information to consumers seeking to avoid purchasing goods that violate Palestinian rights.  I encourage everyone to contact Canadian Tire and explain to them that you will take your business elsewhere until it ceases selling goods manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements.

Canadian Tire sells products from the Israeli company Keter Plastic, which manufactures some of its products in illegal Israeli colonies. Use the resources below, and use your own economic power to bring a stop to Canadian Tire’s unethical behaviour.
Factsheet – Why boycott Canadian Tire Learn about Canadian Tire, its ties to Israel, and why boycotting Canadian Tire is the appropriate and ethical thing to do.
Email Action Alert to Canadian Tire Make your voice heard today. Click on this link to send an email to Canadian Tire executives to let them know you disagree with their investments in Israel.
List of Canadian Tire stores to boycott Use this list to identify the Canadian Tire store closest to you. Then use the resources below to make your voice heard.
Tell your local Canadian Tire manager that you’re boycotting If Canadian Tire doesn’t know that you’re boycotting, it does no good. Click on this document (MS Word format) to open a letter that you can print and take down to your local Canadian Tire store today.
See the letter that CJPME sent to Canadian Tire executives Click on this document to see the letter that CJPME sent to Canadian Tire executives.
Print and send a letter to Canadian Tire executives Click on this document (MS Word) to open the letter to Canadian Tire executives. Customize it with your own information, print and send it today.


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