Revolutionary Humor: Revolution’s Top 10 Unsung Heros

Feb 13

I got this from a friend.  I’m not this funny.

And lest we forget to thank:

Aside from the heroics of every single person who – in any way – helped bring about this historic day, we have to remember the “others” who inadvertently helped:

10) The genius behind the “Kill za Internet Mr Bresident, that should end it” gem!  Instead of social networking, hundreds of thousands decided to communicate by actually going to Tahrir Square!!

9) The nutcase who envisioned “The Charge of the Camel Brigade”!!  Your retardation has been a jewel to us dear Sir.

8) The dolt who brilliantly released Wael Ghoneim, at a crucial point in the Revolution’s life- just after speech #2!  Kudos to you Sir.

7) The mastermind behind ACTUALLY ALLOWING Wael Ghoneim to appear LIVE on TV (to say how he wasn’t tortured!) to “win support for Mubarak”, & instead galvanize the nation !!

6) The mind behind the regime’s harassment & beating up of the WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS NEWS ANCHORS!!  We instantly gained some amazing champions for our cause!

5) The brilliance of using plainclothes policemen to act as Pro-Mubarak “supporters” and beat up and kill pro democracy protesters… AND THEN LEAVING THER POLICE ID’s on them !!!  Epic stuff!!

4) Both the EX-President (God I LOVE SAYING THAT!!) and the Vice-President’s speech writers!!  Aside from Mubarak’s #2 speech, the rest were political suicide!  Written by chipmunks at best!!  Thanks a lot guys!!

3) The dude behind releasing criminals and maniacs to create “Chaos” in Egypt… Thereby instantly blowing up Mubarak’s later mandate of “Either me or Chaos!”… Huh ? And what do you call this current MESS?!!

2) Habeeeeb! Our ex interior minister.  There was absolutely NO WAY this regime could have fallen, without the abject hatred that he had cultivated in the hearts of 85 million Egyptians.  The officer who shot dead (in cold blood), the un-armed Alexandria hero also deserves an honourable mention.  Especially that it was “You-tubed” and seen by 1.6 million after one day!!

1) Finally, the absolute best help we ever got in this revolution came from the man himself. Our ex-president made it difficult to root for him (even by members of his own party towards the end). By being patronizing, haughty, and seemingly “bonkers”; he personified “Dictator” like no one else before him.  Of his many “quotes” (and it’s hard to pick a favourite, the man has given us SO MANY “gems” over 3 decades).   My pick is when he was first told that some “Kids were planning a protest march on January 25th, to ask for more democracy Ya Fandem”… His DOCUMENTED response… “خليهم يتسلوا ”!! (Let them have fun)
Thank you for being 83, Mr President, (and about 60 years older than your average citizen) !!  We couldn’t have done it without you  :))

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  1. Mostafa Kassem /

    And I am in Ottawa. This list is priceless. About #9, perhaps that dolt was wishing in his heart that the revolution would succeed, who knows. I agree with you that the presence of Wael Ghonain on TV was a turning point for many sceptical Egyptians. They realized that it was not a bunch of subversive kids anymore.

    I never listened to any spech from Hosni, I didn’t bother. I knew it was going to be patronizing B.S.

    All the best,


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